Developing a Marketing Plan: PG Ice Tea

The current study presents the marketing plan for PG Ice Tea, a product of PG Tips brand of Unilever. Over the years, PG Tips has been successful in gaining acceptance among the various types of customers in the UK. The major characteristics of this brand comprise high quality, flavor, nutritional value and aids in digestion. In this study, environmental audit has been conducted to know the current status of tea market in the UK and demand for regular tea and ice tea. It has been found that the tea market is going down but there is potential demand for herbal, green and fruit tea. On the other hand, marketing strategy is outlined by discussing Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) strategy along marketing tactics and 7Ps. These strategies have helped in outlining the scenario which could be adopted by the company for creating a strong market for the PG Ice Tea in the UK. Further, Mintel and Keynote report have been used for proposing the future marketing customer segmentation strategy which could support in increasing the customer base. Also, a feasible system has been recommended for monitoring and controlling the action plan. In the later part in appendix, situational analysis is discussed using theoretical frameworks like PESTEL, Core Competencies, SWOT and Porter’s framework.

Developing a Marketing Plan: PG Ice Tea

Type: Report
Domain: Marketing Plan
Words: 3000
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