Evaluation of Macroeconomic Performance of Australia and USA

USA is the largest and most advanced economy in the world with positive growth rate of GDP since past decade. In the recent years, it has been experiencing lower but continuous growth rate and features lower interest rate, inflation and unemployment in the economy. This report analyses the economic performance of USA and Australia, two developed nations of the world from the study of the data of major microeconomic indicators of these countries. The data of GDP and its components are collected and analyzed through tables and graphs for this purpose. The impact of the indictors like inflation, unemployment rate and interest rate on growth rate of GDP has been evaluated on the later part through correlation analysis. The correlation analysis of the indicators of Australia and USA shows whether both the countries are having similar trends of growth or not. The report also highlights the type of monetary policies regulated by both the countries in order to controlling inflation and the probable impact of such policies on their future economic performance.

Evaluation of Macroeconomic Performance of Australia and USA

Type: Assignment
Domain: Macroeconomics
Words: 2500
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