Leadership and diversity in the global multicultural organisations

Globalisation has changed the facets of business of the organisations over the recent years. It has not only enhanced competition among the firms but has also encouraged the companies to expand their operation across the border of the country. Due to increased globalisation, transfer of the workforce from one country to the country has become a common phenomenon. Hence, the issues such as workplace diversity have been emerged as a concern for both the managers and leaders of the organisation. In this research, the researcher has focused on managing workplace diversity and the role of leaders in it.
The research has been developed on the basis of secondary data. Literature review and case studies of the global multicultural firms have been performed by the researcher to meet the objectives of the study. The first chapter of the research has dealt with the background of the topic and the relevance of study. The researcher has established specific research aims and objectives in this chapter. On the other hand, the second chapter of the research has been devoted on reviewing of the previous articles and journals. The impacts of organisational diversity and processes implemented by the researcher to manage diversity in the organisation have been mentioned here. The detailed methods of the research have been mentioned in the third chapter. In the fourth chapter, the researcher has discussed the diversity management techniques of different multicultural firms. It has been found that the organisations have focused on recruitment, training and equal treatment for the all the staff to deal with workplace diversity. Based on the research, the fourth and fifth chapter have discussed on conclusion and recommendations of the study. In order to manage workplace diversity, the leaders are required to focus on increasing employee bonding and adaptability. A self-reflection and learning outcome has been mentioned in the last chapter of the research.

Leadership and diversity in the global multicultural organisations

Type: Report
Domain: Leadership
Words: 7250
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