Exploring the relationship between job satisfaction and employee turnover in Chinese luxury hotel

Employee satisfaction and high attrition rate of the workers are the two most difficult issues that have been dealt by the managers across the organisations. High turnover rate of the employees not only affects the organisational performance but also increases the overall cost for the firms. In this research, the researcher has investigated the relationship between employee satisfaction and employee turnover in the context of Chinese luxury hotels where high turnover of the employees have become a major issue. The entire research has been segregated into five major chapters. In the first chapter, the researcher has identified the aims and objectives of the research. Context of the research and its relevance has also been discussed in the first chapter. In the second chapter, the researcher has discussed the theories and concepts related to employee satisfaction and turnover. The factors related to these two aspects have also been identified in this section of the research. In the third chapter, the researcher has discussed the methods used in the study to meet the objectives. In this research, the researcher has collected the responses from 250 employees of Chinese luxury hotels through survey questionnaire. In the fourth chapter, the researcher has analysed the collected data with SPSS. Findings have revealed that employee satisfaction and attrition rate of the employees are inversely correlated to each other. For instance, the factors such as attractive salary package, proper work environment etc can increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover rate. In order to reduce the turnover rate, the managers of the Chinese luxury hotels are required to provide attractive salary packages to the employees and recognise their efforts in the organisation.
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background of the research
Almost every organisation seeks to improve their performance over time to increase their value generation capacity to foster higher competitive advantage. The organisational success is mostly dependent on the human capital of the firm, which determines its potential to perform. This clearly indicates that the human workforce plays a crucial role in determining the performance of a company. In order to achieve higher yield, the companies need to ensure that the level of human capital is maintained, so that the company is able to perform at its full potential. In this context, employee retention has been considered as one of the most critical issues from the point of view of the management of a particular firm. The human resource (HR) managers provide immense importance in determining the factors that stimulate the employees to leave a job. A significant number of researchers have found that job satisfaction is an antecedent of turnover intentions of the employees. However, most of the studies have been performed in the context of USA and Canada. These researches have primarily focused on hospitals, military and food service companies. Although, the level of job satisfaction has been identified as a consistent predictor of employee turnover, the relationship between satisfaction and turnover intention may fluctuate according to the circumstances. However, only a few researches have been conducted in the context of South East Asia (Brooke, Russell and Price, 2008).
In the context of organisational psychology, employee turnover can be considered as one of most popular topic.

Exploring the relationship between job satisfaction and employee turnover in Chinese luxury hotel

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