Purchasing and Inventory at Brisbane Outdoor

This report is prepared with the objective of providing a clear understanding of the operation management. The principle of operation management if applied can help an organisation to gain immensely in terms of efficiency by structuring the allocation of resources owned by a company. The inventory and purchasing at Brisbane Outdoor Power Centre has been studied to explain the objective of the research. Brisbane Outdoor Power Centre operates through three retail centres in Queensland. However, with the change in leadership from Donald Saxon to Belinda Green’s; the company is about to face a change from “laissez-faire approach” to “management by walking around”. This new integrated approach implementation in the company would require some changes to make in the production system as well as in the inventory management in its production to make the entire system more sustainable and efficient. This report accounts for the differences in both style of management and problem solving recommendations which could help the company in securing a better organizational structure. The success of these changes depends upon the coordination prevailing in the company and the transparency in communication with the employees and buyers.

Purchasing and Inventory at Brisbane Outdoor

Type: Report
Domain: Inventory Management
Words: 2000
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