How can eBay position for changes in the e-marketplace

Innovation is one of the key to organisational success and long term sustenance. The objective of this study is to discuss about how eBay can position itself in the changing e-commerce sector or e-market place. The study has revealed that the e-commerce sector has become highly competitive in nature, which as a result has made it quite difficult for the company to establish a strong position in the market. It has been further studied the eBay has taken significant innovative approaches to add more values for the customers and the stakeholders. However, it has faced significant challenges in terms of revenue growth. It has been recommended for the company that it should use new disruptive innovation such as integration of three dimensional pictorial presentations of products and using VR as a new platform to create a virtual market place. It has been finally concluded that these strategies will help the company to stay ahead of the competition by gaining a first mover advantage, thereby fostering growth and long term sustainability.

How can eBay position for changes in the e-marketplace

Type: Report
Domain: Innovation
Words: 3000
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