Application of IoT

The report intends to provide an in-depth analysis on the applications of Internet of Things (IoT). It has been found that over the last few years IoT has become one of the popular weapons to connect the physical world with the virtual one with the help of sensors. In this report, the applications of IoT has been discussed in the context of Zenith Consulting Services (ZCS), a Melbourne based research and development organisation that provides innovative products and services to the healthcare, manufacturing and production companies. The organisation has initiated to develop some IoT based applications that can improve the quality of healthcare services within the next 5 to 10 years. Moreover, the managers of this company has identified that concentration on the healthcare industry can improve its brand value and also offer good return.
Based on the research, the managers of ZCS has identified that the requirement of real time monitoring of the patients for the caregivers. Hence, the organisation will develop wearable like moodables that can improve the performance of brain. In addition, the devices such as healthcare chart or physical rate measurement instrument can also help the doctors to provide the best possible treatments to the patients within the short span of tome. Discussion in the report has revealed that implementation of IoT based devices can reduce the wastage of time and also minimise the errors. However, the managers of the healthcare organisations are required to be conscious about protecting the privacy of the patient’s information and security of the data related to the treatment process while dealing with the IoT based applications in the healthcare.

Application of IoT

Type: Report
Domain: Innovation And Creativity
Words: 3000
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