International Marketing Plan for Fewsters Farm

Fewsters Farm is the largest the producer and supplier of honey in the world. It has a close relation with beekeepers all across Australia for producing premium quality honey. The company has received many accolades for its contribution to both the domestic and international market, through supplying honey and other related product. Fewsters Farm has planned to penetrate into the market of Malaysia with original and certified products.
The company is focusing to increase its market shares and business by penetrating in the above-mentioned market. Malaysia has been selected as the potential market, as there is a huge demand for healthy products like honey. Moreover, the overall economy of Malaysia is growing and this supports the expansion of both national and international markets.
1.0 Introduction
Developing an international marketing plan requires a thorough market research in order to gain expected benefits from the targeted market. An organisation would also need details about each nation in which it wants to operate or sell goods and services (Weerawardena, et al., 2007). The current report has considered Fewsters Farm as the case study. The company is a Western Australian producer of pure Jarrah and Organic Jarrah Honey. It is the largest supplier and producer of Jarrah honey across the world and it is harvested from beehives in the Jarrah forests (Fewsters Farm, 2017a). The company has been able to create a strong marketplace that has supported in its large expansion in different markets.
In this study, the focus would be on internationalising the business of Fewsters Farm. The company is aiming to export its Jarrah honey in the market of Malaysia for the purpose to increase the market share. In that context, environmental analysis would be carried out by using the PESTEL tool, and the proposed international market would be assessed as well. On the other hand, the analysis of the market would be done by considering the characteristics of the market, competitors and market size. It would be helpful in ascertaining whether Fewsters Farm would be successful in entering the proposed international market. Further, the study would also give emphasise on carrying out the SWOT analysis in the context of international marketing, so that the company in consideration can generate anticipated advantages from the market. On the other hand, a justification would be provided behind the selection of specific market for carrying out international operations.
2.0 Environmental Analysis
2.1 Political System
Political Structure: The government is being actively concerned in economy activities and has monopolised or semi-monopolised certain sectors. This, in turn, makes the supremacy of Malaysian government impact the productivity of business.
Political Parties: In Malaysia, a multiparty system along with various political parties is executed widely.
Local Government: It is segregated into municipalities and component cities; independent and county cities; and barangays.
Political Stability: The Malaysia government is stable and significantly supports both national and international businesses to flourish in the nation.
Summary Analysis of domestic, foreign and international political environment: It has been ascertained that Malaysian government maintains healthy international relations, which contribute towards the development of different industries.
It is further reported that the government largely invites foreign direct investment and on majority of imports, import duty is not levied but GST tax is charged (Royal Malaysian Customs, 2017).

International Marketing Plan for Fewsters Farm

Type: Report
Domain: Industry Analysis
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