Financial performance analysis of Independent News and Media PLC

The coursework throws light on the performance of the media company Independent News and Media Plc. It is the leading newspaper and media company and has its main stream of work includes publishing and printing the national, metropolitan, regional and provincial newspapers in the Island of Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. The coursework elaborates the economic value added model with respect to the company. The economic value added model includes the calculation of NOPAT and WACC which has been evaluated for the company. The calculation of NOPAT is done taking the past 5 years data. The valuation of the company is also done in order to get its share price movement. The share price movement reflects that the company has been not performing well since 2010. The share price has drastically gone down because of eh decrease in profit and revenue of the company. The coursework also elaborates the agency problem that is faced by the company and also highlights how they are mitigating it. The capital structure of the company is also described which reflects that the company finance its capital through equity and debt. The executive remuneration plan is also highlighted which reflects the different short term and long term incentives that are enjoyed by the executives.

Financial performance analysis of Independent News and Media PLC

Type: Coursework
Domain: Financial Performance Analysis
Words: 3250
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