A comparative study between Iberia Plc and Air Berlin Plc

The current report mainly reflected on analysing the business performance of both Iberia Plc and Air Berlin Plc which operates in airline industry. It has been observed that due to poor economic condition of Eurozone, both the airline firms faced decline in their performance as per their reported financial results. The financial ratios of the companies have been calculated considering financial data of last three years (2012, 2013 and 2014) for analysing the financial condition. From the analysis, it has been found that Iberia has a better position than Air Berlin. However, it is required that both the firms have to improve their performance for sustainable growth in the future. The non-financial performance depicted that Iberia has good employee retention rate in comparison to Air Berlin.

A comparative study between Iberia Plc and Air Berlin Plc

Type: Report
Domain: Financial Performance Analysis
Words: 2000
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