Management of attractiveness of shopping centres

The attractiveness of the shopping centres or shopping malls is one of the fundamental factors that are responsible for the success of the retail agglomerations. Shopping centres of different sizes are apparent in almost all developed countries and emerging countries. The research is conducted to identify and assess the attributes that determine the attractiveness of the customers towards the shopping centres. The rise in number of retail brands and intensified competition of the shopping centres along with growing requirements of the consumers has led to the need for them to have some uniqueness so that they can stand out against their rivals. This study uses qualitative research approach in order to conclude an insightful conclusion with respect to the research topic. Customers play the most important role and their preference determines the success of the shopping centres. In this research, the management depends on the trusted relationship between retailers and authorities of the shopping centres. For the builders, their focus remains on the design of the shopping malls so that they ensure best utilisation of investors’ money. The design provides the opportunity for the shopping centres authorities to provide maximum options to the customers.

Management of attractiveness of shopping centres

Type: Dissertation
Domain: Customer Satisfaction
Words: 15250
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