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The growth and development of the digital environment and platform has induced significant changes in which the customers take their buying decisions. E-commerce firms depend on their service quality for ensuring that they are successful in retaining the existing customers and attracting the new consumers. There has been considerable growth in online shopping which requires e-commerce companies to ensure that products and services being offered are successful in achieving the needs of the consumers. In context to that, the rapid development of e-commerce firms globally has attracted the attention of a number of scholars and researchers. Number of studies have therefore have been conducted for understanding the factors that influence the consumers repurchase intention in the online segment. The current study focuses on understanding the influence of e-service quality on the repurchase intentions of the consumers while shopping online. For the purpose of meeting such an objective, the study has focused on one e-commerce firm, Alibaba as the central character. The statistical techniques such as correlation and regression have been exercised for obtaining the information from the survey conducted. It has been found that there is a positive relation between e-service quality and consumer repurchase intention. It is also realised that provision of e-service quality leads to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Background and e-commerce in China The usage of information technologies not only renovated the provision of services but also transformed the process of service delivery. Over the past years, there has rapid increase in online shopping market which has altered the business pattern. Most of the businesses around the world has adopted electronic platform to differentiate themselves from the rivals in a view to provide superior quality service for satisfying consumers need, developing customer loyalty and creating customer value (Kassim and Asiah Abdullah, 2010). One of the key drivers of online shopping is e-service quality which consigns with the user satisfaction level.E-services have delivered key benefits to not only companies but also to customers(Carlos, José and José de la Vega, 2009). In relation to China, the online retaining has turned into an important business model or medium for many enterprises to gain market success. It has provided a new distribution channel in the online market which supports firms to trade their product through online channels to number of customers. E-service has witnessed steady and sustainable growth over the years in China (Bai, Law and Wen, 2008). The online companies are constantly enhancing their quality of online services for increasing customer satisfaction level. Online market is growing at a significant pace and it is believed that in future most firms will be using e-services for selling their different product ranges (Atkearney, 2014). On the other hand, many shopping sites concerns that they would face risk of losing consumers; therefore, they are trying to shift from inducing customers to undertake retailing website for stimulating consumers to buy products repeatedly from them (Sheng and Liu, 2010). In this current paper, the major focus is on studying the influence of e-service quality on the customers’ online repurchase intention. Therefore, the study will undertake Alibaba as a central case for examining the topic. Moreover, different models and theoretical aspects will be consider to know that how e-service quality influence the repurchase behaviour of the customers.

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