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This paper intends to present a business report of Ford Motor Company, UK. The major factors of production have been discussed in the paper. Furthermore, the paper has identified the prime micro-environmental parameters that can impact the automobile production of Ford. The sustainable business practices followed by Ford have been described in the paper. 1.0 Introduction Ford Motor Company Limited is a subsidiary of Britain doing its business in Europe. The company began its journey to become one of the leading vehicle manufacturing firms in the world in 1909. Ford is the biggest commercial vehicle producing company in Britain with its registered office located in Brentwood, Essex. Britain houses three of the major manufacturing units of Ford. Petrol and diesel engine production are carried on in Bridgend and Dagenham respectively whereas, Halewood specializes in transmissions. One of the main objectives of the company is to design cars that the customers would want and value by using technological innovation. In May 2000, Ford had announced its intention of investing US$500 million in the expansion of a diesel engine factory located in Dagenham making it the largest diesel engine centre in the world and which has made it possible to create about 500 new jobs for British youth. The technological innovation brought in the manufacturing has empowered Ford in creating designs which can help the drivers with better driving experience. They have improved and also have added many new features in their cars making them more preferred by the customers all around the world. This report presents the business side of the Ford Motor Company Limited. Since it is a multi-national company (MNC) and has established its business in many parts of the world, this report focuses on Ford’s business operations in the UK (United Kingdom). There are a number of factors that affects the business of a company which can be divided into external and internal analysis. Detailed analysis has been provided in the report to provide a better understanding to the reader. 2.0 Description of the business environment Ford basically involves in manufacturing of automobiles. Some of the main competitors of Ford in Britain are Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Audi, BMV and Nissan. The competitors of Ford even produce cars in the similar ranges too. Ford not only offers cars but provide a very helpful after sales support system too. Though there are some strong competitors of Ford, still Ford acquired the largest share in the automobile market in 2015. It has 12.9% of the market share, followed by Vauxhall having 11.57% of the market share and Volkswagen having 8% of the market share (Statista, 2016). There are wide varieties of cars that are offered by Ford in Britain, some are family cars while some are commercial vehicles. Few examples of the cars offered are Ford Fiesta, Ford Ka plus and Ford Transit Courier. Ford is actually facing a lot of competition from the Japanese companies. The raw materials used are aluminum, steel, iron castings, precious metals like palladium, energy resources like natural gas and polypropylene. Ford has made an investment of £169 million in 2004 in its Dagenham plant so that the company can increase its production of diesel engines (Ford Motor Company, 2015).

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