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The report comprises of an evaluation of the process of organizational control and its impacts on the employees and managers. The study suggests that the emerging organizations have adopted a control in their management process that involves control in the production, sales as well as the inventory management that depends on the consumer demands and supply. It reflects the control within an organization can be of various types and the managers need to control the work process in order to maintain the ethical aspects of the organization. Further the freedom of the employees within the companies inculcates self-confidence among the workers that is necessary for the employees to take up valuable decisions for the organization. The study has been carried out on various companies such as Apple Inc., Google and Aldi Inc. where the managers plan to incorporate various changes in order to compete with the rivals in the international organizations. The study suggests that freedom given to the employees is essential for them to develop various skills but there should be an organizational control in order to manage the change within the organization. However the control that is undertaken by the managers within the organization can enhance its performance despite the organizational change. Introduction The control that the managers of the company undertake within the organization is necessary to develop a healthy work culture that is suitable for the employees. The characterization of an organization based of the pattern of controlling system that it follows is an important aspect which every employee within the organization faces (Alvesson and Willmott, 2002). A social organization is referred to an ordered arrangement of the individual as well as the human interactions. Control is not only related to the situation that takes place within the organization but also the situation that takes place in the external atmosphere of the organization. Freedom refers to the fact that individual’s behavior has an impact on the organization as a whole (Cardinal, 2001). Control may be among the individuals as well as among the group of members in order to carry out the project in a well-planned manner. Control also deals with the adjustment of the individual to the organization’s new rules and policies. It also brings in discipline within the organization that contributes to the reputation of the organization in the international market (Cardinal, Sitkin and Long, 2004). However a change within an organization is inevitable in order to compete with the rivals and hence the control that is generated within the organization is essential to bring in a change. The paper aims at discussing the implications of the individual freedom and organizational control to the future organizations. The report offers a scope to understand the various theories and case studies of different organizations related to individual freedom and organizational control. Implication of individual freedom in an Organization Freedom of an individual reflects the capacity to develop an understanding and self-consciousness about the job that is assigned to them. The freedom given to the employees in an organization reflects the trust that the organization has on its employees. Further the freedom given to the managers to take decisions that are favorable to the organization helps to build up the self confidence among them (Chen, Park and Newburry, 2009).

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