Debeloping a business plan for online gaming

The business plan highlights details about starting a new virtual trading platform for a games and items selling company, named Zuki. The company will have a number of competitive advantages over similar companies in this line of business. It will attract customers of all age groups and provide heavy discounts on virtual items for sale. Besides that, when a customer makes his payment, the company will provide a guaranteed amount of discount, unlike other companies of the same nature. The company will provide bonuses for a certain time period daily to all the people, who are interested to avail the same. It intends to advertise the items on various websites, blogging sites and social networking communities. It wants to reach an enormous number of customers in Europe and United States (U.S.). As Europe has a huge population rate, sales of the company is expected to be high there. In addition, Europe and U.S. are rich countries, where people are increasingly involved in taking part in all sources of recreation. They increasingly play online games and purchase virtual items for their games from different web based companies. As the company will have various competitive advantages, their sales are expected to be high. The experienced team of management and program developers will always make new developments and contribute to the best of their ability to make profitability position of the company robust. The business plan provides detailed information and accordingly highlights strengths and weaknesses of the virtual items for the game selling company, Zuki.

Debeloping a business plan for online gaming

Type: Report
Domain: Business Plan
Words: 2500
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