Business Venture: Second Coffee Shop, New Business

This business plan is directed towards the establishment of a coffee house named Coffee for You at the financial hub of London, which is Canary Wharf and at highly commercial centres in Wales city in Cardiff. The business plan includes a thorough market analysis of the potential for the proposed coffee house, which includes sections of market potential, market needs and trends, market segmentation, sales estimate and product segmentation. Thereafter, the marketing plan for the coffee house has been provided, which involves a thorough analysis of the competitors, suppliers, customers, advertisement strategy and price adjustment strategy. Subsequent to that, an environmental evaluation has been conducted, which includes PEST, SWOT and competitor analyses on the basis of a perceptual framework. This forms the groundwork on the basis of which the favourability of operations for the coffee house can be assessed. Lastly, a financing plan for the coffee house has been done, which includes the cash flow analysis, cost breakdown and break-even analysis.

Business Venture: Second Coffee Shop, New Business

Type: Report
Domain: Business Plan
Words: 5750
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