Business Plan: Vue de Carta

The business plan has been prepared for setting up a local multi- cuisine restaurant, Vue de Carta, in Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane is a very famous city for its food and visitors. Global restaurant industry has tried to contribute positively towards development of nation. Similarly, in Australia this particular industry has added revenue to welfare of the country by identifying the tastes and preferences of the population. The taste of Brisbane people is unique and they prefer to consume varieties of food, which are made up of different spices that are outsourced from other countries. With the increase in disposable income of greater part of the Brisbane population, the demand for restaurants and delicious food has increased. The business plan includes various steps that are considered during set-up of the business such as marketing strategies, financial analysis and external environment analysis. The details of the strategies undertaken for setting up the business are discussed in the following report.

Business Plan: Vue de Carta

Type: Report
Domain: Business Plan
Words: 2500
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