Business Plan: Swan Taxi

The economy of Swansea is advanced and diverse, with principal contributions from manufacturing and services sectors. In a 2010 report by Business Register and Employment Survey, services sector alone employed about 85% of the total workforce. This finding is important because the concentration of workforce in any particular sector denotes the growth and viability of that sector.
Transport and communications employs about 5% of the workforce. Transport sector, in Swansea particularly, does not have any dominant player, although it does have big players such as, Avis and Europcar. It also has local market players such as, Yellow Cabs, Citytax and Eastside Cabs.
The report presents a business plan for Swan Taxi, a £900,000 proposed taxi service based out of Swansea, Wales. It has been conceptualised by four key partners Yanallah, Mansour, Yousef and Khalid. It would also have representatives from two equity and two debt investors, through which Swan Taxi would raise the initial capital.
The target market of Swan Taxi would be urban commuters, who move in and out of Swansea for work, with special focus towards people with disabilities. The target market of the business also includes the students who form an integral part of the population. Swansea would maintain a fleet of 50 vehicles and would position itself just between big and local players.

Business Plan: Swan Taxi

Type: Report
Domain: Business Plan
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