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Preparation of a business plan is essential from the point of view of any entrepreneurial venture. In this report, an in-depth planning for the proposed 24x7 laundry service business has been presented. The proposed company will be operated in Jakarta and offer laundry services with the help of mobile application. In order to assess the financial feasibility of the business, financial forecasting such as profit and loss and cash flow statement has been prepared. In addition, the report has also included investment appraisal techniques such as NPV, IRR and Payback period to determine the return of the investment. Moreover, an risk assessment has also been included to ensure the success of the business. The entrepreneur has conducted a detailed market survey to understand the perception of the consumers. Chapter 1: Introduction 1.0 Introduction This project is concerned with the application of designing new mobile application for 24x7 laundry services in Jakarta, Indonesia. The novice has applied skills and knowledge in this study to make sound business proposal. The business will be starting under the name of “” and it will aim to provide soothing laundry services to the customers of the business with the help of mobile application. Thus, this chapter aims to evaluate the selection of an appropriate place in Jakarta to initiate the business and develop positive brand image in the Indonesian market. 1.1 Rationale behind the business idea Marketing is one of the most prestigious areas in Jakarta, Indonesia, as it has close proximity to the banking and business districts. Many highly esteemed professionals and ambassadors live in this vicinity and most of the houses in this area are described as chronological landmarks. However, there has not been any laundry service in the area having the feature of mobile application. Thus, has decided to set its first branch in this particular area to provide maximum comfort to the customers, which, in turn, will help to earn greater revenues. The organisation will service laundry orders from the customers through mobile application and collect the clothing of the customers from their residences. 1.2 Selection of a scenario There have been five different scenarios available, which mainly include new start-up business as an entrepreneur, working in Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO), which mainly aims to benefit the society and present organisation as the business owner. In this study, the scenario chosen is developing a laundry mobile application for the customers of Jakarta, Indonesia. This is because it will help the novice to make full utilisation of knowledge and gather an insight of the laundry market in the selected geographical area. The existing business has not been chosen, as it might limit the knowledge of the researcher to introduce any new service in the organisation. 1.3 Mission The mission statement of the new business would be to create a Laundry Mobile App by emphasizing on the benefits of the customers in Indonesia. 1.4 Vision Vision statement of the company to reach large number of customer who require laundry facilities every day. It also aims to ease the life of the customers such that they can offer their services instantly on the basis of online order.

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