Ethical problems related to Euthanasia

The purpose of this study is to analyse the ethical issues of euthanasia by perceiving this action through various theories related to ethics and morality. This case study is inspired by an article published in the BBC (“Ethical problems of euthanasia”). The major theories that have been considered in this case study are consequentialism, utilitarianism, egoism and the deontological perspective. By viewing the act of voluntary euthanasia through various ethical theories the researcher was able to learn that even though these theories do not necessarily prescribe voluntarily euthanasia but they do seem to support this act if it is at all required. The researcher has also highlighted another article published in the BBC which shows a terminally ill patient filing for voluntary euthanasia. The study revealed that many people all over the world do support the act of voluntary euthanasia and do not consider it as unethical. The underlying reason behind this fact is that this act provides freedom from pain to not only the sufferer but also the closed ones who are distressed by seeing the former wreathing in agonizing pain. Therefore, even though some might argue that voluntary euthanasia is equivalent to assisted killing and should not be legalized, there are many who perceive this action to be absolutely justified and ethical and therefore have given their verdict in favour of legalizing this action.

Ethical problems related to Euthanasia

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