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Online purchasing of airline tickets has become a common trendin the market. This research intends to identify the impact of website quality and brand awareness in influencing the purchase intention of Chinese students pursuing higher studies in the UK. The entire research has been segregated into five chapters. Context of the study, its relevance, research aims and objectives have been mentioned in the first chapter. The concepts related to the concerning issue have been discussed in the second chapter. The third chapter deals with the methodologies applied in this research. In this research, the researcher has used quantitative method to analyse primary data. Responses of 143 Chinese students have been gathered through survey questionnaire. In the fourth chapter, the researcher has investigated the collected data with the help of SPSS. Based on correlation analysis and hypothesis testing, it has been found that website quality is closely related with brand awareness and purchase intention among the customers. In the last chapter, the researcher has provided suggestions to improve the website quality by modifying the website content. Acknowledgement I am thankful to my university for providing me the opportunity to research on this particular topic. It has significantly enhanced my knowledge. I am also thankful to my professor for constantly showing me the right path to achieve the research objectives. In this space, I would like to thank my friends for their support in collecting data. Lastly, I would like to thank my parents for encouraging me and providing moral support to me during the course of the study. 1.0 Introduction 1.0 Background and significance of the paper In order to sustain in the highly competitive marketplace, the companies are required to develop and implement effective marketing strategies. For ensuring competitive advantages, most of the companies have focused on influencing the purchase intentions of the targeted consumers (McDaniel, 2006). Hence, a lot of research has also been conducted to identify the factors that can stimulate the purchase intentions of the customers. Based on the studies, the researchers have found the importance of brand awareness in controlling the purchase intentions of the consumers. On the other hand, quality of website such as its user friendliness, have helped the companies to attract the customers who prefer online marketing over conventional marketing (Casaló, Flavián and Guinalíu, 2008). This research has intended to investigate the role of brand awareness and website quality to influence the purchase intention of the customers of online air tickets. The research has been focused on the Chinese students who study in the universities of UK. Based on the research, it has been found that the number of Chinese students migrating to UK for the purpose of higher studies has been increasing at a rapid rate over the recent few years (Gillman, 2015). In figure 1, this increasing trend has been represented. Most surprisingly, the number of Chinese students in the UK is more than the number of migrating students in the entire EU. With this increasing trend of Chinese foreign students in the UK, the demand for airline tickets has also increased. This study has provided an opportunity to investigate the role of website quality and brand awareness to increase the sales of online tickets for the airline companies. Based on the high level of competition among the airlines company in UK, this study can be considered as highly relevant.

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