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The research is about the impact of the brand awareness and the website quality on the consumer purchase intentions in the UK market. There are many consumers who prefer to carry out a market research regarding a particular product before purchasing it from the brand outlet. According to the literature review, the brand awareness created by the companies through social media, distribution of the leaflets as well as the online advertisements has created a huge impact on the mindset of the consumers. The data has been collected from the customers of the UK market and it is recorded in the excel sheet. The SPSS software is used to run a regression using the data and the regression output has depicted that both the brand awareness as well as the website quality has a significant impact on the consumers purchase decisions in the UK market. This implies that both the independent variables are having a high impact on the dependent variable. Thus, the research outcome exactly matches with the fact mentioned in the literature review. The regression data also states that all the independent variables are positively correlated with the consumer’s purchase decision that is the increase in any of these variables would raise the consumer’s purchase intention as well as reduce the risk associated with the choice of the products from the UK market. However, the researcher needs to be careful while collecting the data from the customers in order to avoid any sort of discrepancy in the data source. 1. Background The brand awareness has a serious impact on the consumer purchase decisions as the consumers prefer to buy the goods from the outlets with a huge brand image. The consumers carry out research on the products and the brands that they wish to choose before the actual purchase (Srinivasan, Anderson and Ponnavolu, 2002). The study reflects that the process of purchase is divided into three sections that is the pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase. Every part of the purchase process is necessary for the consumers in order to evaluate the level of satisfaction (Bowen and Chen, 2001). There are various modes of the sales process that are adopted by the company such as selling the products in shops as well as conducting online sales. According to the Mintel (2014), the online retail sales has increased by 14.7% to 38.3 billion pounds in the year 2014 and the value is expected to increase in the later years. Further, the companies prefer to create brand awareness online because by following the online process, it can attract the attention of millions of customers across the world. On the contrary, the web portals launched by the companies are also important to attract the consumers as they get attracted to the colourful portals with valuable information regarding the chosen brand. 2. Importance of the study The study suggests that promotional strategies used by the companies in order to create brand awareness play a key role in driving the attention of the customers. The companies try to convey their vision through advertising and promotion as well as using the logos for each brand (Caruana, 2004). Based on the information provided by the companies in their web portals, the consumers make their purchase decisions and they can also anticipate the risk factors associated to the purchase plan. Hence, there is a need to study the impact of the strategies adopted by the companies in the UK on the customers.

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