Importance of managerial accounting

The research paper highlights the benefits of managerial accounting enjoyed by the managers. It also underlines the importance of the experimental researches that are conducted by different researchers to identify the importance of managerial accounting in the world of management. It also provides information regarding the structure of the entire managerial accounting system which makes it possible to recognize the purpose of the research area. The paper also elaborates on the facts owing to which the managers, accountants and auditors find managerial accounting to be useful while performing their roles in the management world. So, the structure formed by the managerial accounting is used to integrate, organize and evaluate the existing managerial accounting researches. Thus, a new avenue for the future experiments in managerial accounting research is proposed through the paper.
The paper seeks to elaborate three objectives which will serve as the primary interests of the research. The first objective is to establish the role of research in evaluating the area of managerial accounting. The second objective is to highlight the evaluation and synthesis of the extent of managerial accounting. The final objective of the paper is to discuss the future of managerial accounting which provides with the area of improvement in the particular area.

Importance of managerial accounting

Type: Research Paper
Domain: Accounting
Words: 1500
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