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Finance is an integral part of management as it provides great scope and a potential rewarding career opportunities to a diverse range of sectors. Finance can be a lucrative option to pursue as further studies for students as it not only provides a greater insight in its respective areas but also to other field of related studies such as management, financial management, business organization, economics, cost accounting, marketing etc. The USP of finance is that it helps to explore other interrelated sectors, namely, corporate management, investment analysis, financial planning services, brokerage and all kinds of banking services. Thus, by considering the above-mentioned aspects, our experts are offering well-defined, critical, and in-depth analysis for solving problems related to finance and its related areas.


Financial management is a crucial and effective part for maximizing the worth of a business. Therefore, from the view point of financial manager, financial management will enable to take strategic financial decisions favourable to the shareholders. It will also enable to accomplish the defined goals and objectives of the firm as it mainly deals with acquiring as well as properly allocating such resources for the overall development of the business. Following are the important aspects of studying and gaining knowledge on finance and financial management:

  • Identification of sources of capital for measuring the costs and risks associated with each.
  • Effective utilisation of the certain management techniques such as capital budgeting in order to arrive at a suitable result.
  • Paying proper dividends to the shareholders is a challenge to the financial manager for any organization and it is properly addressed with the help of financial management.

Our experts, being aware of the inherent significance of financial management and its related topics offer detailed analytical views and opinions that will enable to achieve a detailed-oriented as well as appropriate results by adoption of suitable assumptions. Hence, we deliver solutions to course work, case studies, dissertations and assignments on the above-mentioned topics and areas. We also follow the other areas and complete assignments on the following domains:

Ratio Analysis

Ratio analysis consists of a vital portion of finance and its related areas and offers a series of financial solution to interested stakeholders. Ratio analysis is significant as it covers various aspects of a company’s financial and operating decisions, for example, liquidity, solvency, efficiency and profitability. This analysis not helps to evaluate the financial health of the firm but also provides a detailed insight of the present and future prospect of the company.

Our experts thus considering the importance of ratio analysis in finance successfully provide detailed and accurate results by analysing various ratios such as:

  • Liquidity Ratios- Current ratio, quick ratio or acid-test ratio, working capital etc.
  • Solvency Ratio- Debt-equity ratios, total debts to total assets, interest coverage ratios etc.
  • Profitability Ratios- Gross profit ratio, net profit ratio, operating margin, return on assets, return on equity, return on sales, return on investments etc.
  • Investment Ratios- Price to earnings ratio, price to book ratio, price to sales ratio, dividend pay-out ratio etc.
  • Efficiency Ratios- Accounts receivables turnover ratio, total assets turnover, inventory turnover, day’s sales in inventory (in days) etc.

Capital Budgeting

Investment appraisal and capital budgeting are the two methods of planning procedures adopted by financial managers in order to determine the longevity of a firm’s investment in new projects, plants, machinery, research and development activities. Our experts, thus by considering the relative importance of capital budgeting in financial management provides accurate critical analysis and solutions to problems on Accounting Rate of Return (ARR), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Profitability Index (PI), Pay-Back Period (PBP), sensitivity analysis etc.

Valuation of a Firm

Determination of the value of a firm is very significant from various aspects for smooth functioning of the same. Thus, our experts specialize in obtaining accurate valuation with regard to valuation of a firm with the techniques such as Discounted Cash Flows (DCFs), Free Cash Flows (FCFs).

Financial Projections

In formulation of an appropriate marketing plan, it is essential to formulate financial projections such as balance sheets, cash flows, Social Media marketing plans, income statements. Our experts considering the relative importance of financial projection in marketing plans and its subsequent financial viability, provides relevant and practical projections with detailed break-ups of fixed costs and variable costs.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is considered as an important method to evaluate the techniques and science of making appropriate decision with regard to investment mix and its associated policies. Our experts are specialized in providing suitable solutions to assignments regarding portfolio management as well as offer critical recommendations with the help of charts, bars, graphs etc.

Moreover, our experts prepare projects on other topics such as cost management, basic accounting, stock and share analysis, behavioural finances etc. with proper accuracy, assumptions and interpretation.