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Tips To Help Write an Expository Essay

An expository essay has its aim of explaining a particular topic in a manner that is both straightforward as well as logical. In its essence expository essays make a presentation balanced detailed with a fair amount of analysis of a particular subject having their basis on facts regardless of the references to the emotions or opinions of the writer.

A typical example of this variety of an essay provides editing prompts which utilizes words such as define or explain. It's characterized by an absence of an opinion or any arguments favored by the writer himself. But by no means writing and editing such an essay should be considered to be an easy task.

The Editing Process

This kind of editing is a skill that an individual uses throughout the course of their lives. The skills acquired through this task benefits most of us in our day-to-day life in the various editing activities we do. 5 steps lie between you and a well written essay of this variety.

The Structure

It usually consists of five paragraphs. The initial paragraph states the thesis and the body or the three paragraphs that follow lay down the details that support the thesis and the main idea is restated in the concluding paragraph and acts like an adhesive that stitches together the essay points.

The following tips should help you along the way:


In this phase students should brainstorm on the main idea or topic. Then they should research the topic further and take down notes as necessary. An outline should also be marked out.

Creating the Draft

State the thesis without letting your individual opinion come to the forefront. Proper definitions, scope that may be easily managed are characteristics of a good thesis in the context of this branch of the essay.

All of the body parts should cover separate points duly supported by examples and facts.

Avoid introducing new material in the conclusion of the thesis as this part should reinforce the chief idea presented in the thesis itself. Also remember to stick to the third person while you write.

Do Revisions

When it comes to revision, students make review of or modify or change the organization of the essay and shape it up in the best way possible.

Make Edits

The next step is to properly proofread the essay for errors in spelling and grammar and change accordingly. You may also need to make improvisations in order to enhance the clarity and style of the essay. Though the essay indeed needs to be concise and clear, that does not mean that it cannot be engaging and lively. Get a friend to go over your work and provide a new perspective.

Publishing The Essay

Here by publishing we refer to the sharing of the essay with your peers which is a prospect both intimidating as well as exciting. Remember all of us are sensitive towards our work but the point is to learn from the feedback and the experience.

Essay Editing Help

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