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Editing and Proofreading

Though Proofing (more formally referred to as proofreading) and Editing are terms that are often used interchangeably, both actually are different stages in the process of revision. Careful and close readings are demanded by both but they differ in their focus and put into use different techniques.


The process of editing commences soon after finishing any initial drafts that you may have. The organization of the paper, smooth progression or transition between different paragraphs and ensuring that the evidence serves well in backing up the argument; these matters are assessed and the necessary modifications are made in the editing stage. This may be done on several levels.

  • Overall structure
  • Content
  • Clarity
  • Structure within paragraphs
  • Citations
  • Style


Proofreading is sort of the finale to the whole process of editing. Surface errors like those related to punctuation or grammar are sorted out through this process. This process follows all other revisions of editing.

Proofreading is an important part of producing a worthy piece of academic editing as you hardly want to have errors that bear out marks due to carelessness and prevents you from making a good impression.

Instead of a quick and cursory glance, one should systematically search for specific errors. It should also be noted that a good proofreading is vital and lets you do justice to all the hard work effectively. One should also try to keep the processes of proofreading and editing separate in order to maximize the quality of output you get out of the latter.

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