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How to arrive at a Topic for Your Dissertation/Thesis proposal

Dissertation/Thesis proposal in its most basic explanation refers to the research outline. In order to illustrate what a dissertation proposal means to a dissertation the analogy of an architectural blueprint for a house and the house itself may be drawn. A clear plan leads to timely and successful completion of the process of building up a house. A clear thesis proposal leads to better chances of being approved by the authority the responsibility of which has been vested by the authority to approve the dissertation with high levels of probability of the final paper being accepted.

The topic of the dissertation is one of the most challenging aspects that you will encounter. More often than not the onerous task of arriving at the particular topic or question of research that may be pursued lies with the researcher.

Be willing to experiment with several possible topics, and explore them before finally deciding on one. This may be achieved through a topic analysis.

A simplified topic proposal stripped to its basics usually is inclusive of the parts as mentioned below:

  • The hypothesis or problem or question.
  • The importance of relevant research.
  • The amount of research already done i.e., the literature review.
  • The approach or methodology of research that may be undertaken.
  • The probable outcomes and their respective importance.

While conducting an analysis of a potential topic keep in mind the following characteristics:

  • If you are not able to state your topic in the form of a clear statement or hypothesis there is definitely a need to clarify and refine particular topics. It should be spelt out and all measures should be taken to see to it that it is not imprecise or vague.
  • The responsibility of justifying the worthiness of your work lies with you and it only helps if you cite authorities in your field stating that more research is needed in the field. In the absence of such reasons you should demonstrate that the research intended to be completed by you in some ways has a bearing on a major activity.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the research literature and the previous research already conducted on a topic.
  • Properly plan your research and explain your position with precision. Also consider including an alternative methodology.
  • When collecting evidence in the form of primary sources like questionnaire there might be a number of outcomes and only one of the results could form the basis of a dissertation. Different approaches might also be suggested by research which may turn out to be more productive at the end.

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