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Top Tips for Winning PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are probably the most commonly used method visually aided communication used in a contemporary workplace. It serves the purpose of communicating vital information by avoiding clutter, while making it highly time efficient. A bulk of text may contain more detailed information, but it is often tiring for the readers to go through them. • Read More »

How to write a Critical Thinking College Essay?

As a college student you may have come across critical analysis essays and have wondered how it is different from the traditional descriptive or narrative ones. If you have landed on this article, the chances are that you are struggling with understanding the basic requirement of writing a critical thinking or critical analysis essay. A • Read More »

How to write an excellent Book Review

A book review, as the name suggests, is writing a paper that talks about your opinion on a specific book. A book review might or might not be a part of an academic assignment. There are a lot of websites (mostly run by literature enthusiasts) that dedicated to book reviews.If you are an independent writer • Read More »

10 Things you need to STOP putting in your Resume

If a successful career is a bird sitting on a branch, a resume or a Curriculum Vitae is the spear you need to take it down. A good resume is the most needed thing in order to succeed in the corporate sector of the modern times. Of course, having a good education, a good job • Read More »