Meet the Blogger



Hello and nice to know you!

I’m Samantha, but you may call me Sam. A marketing pro in disguise, now a content writer, I committed to spread knowledge on studying better while working (and writing) smarter. Of course, I never missed the occasion to join Mike and Lesley as a co-writer and editor for this blog.

Here’s my story:

Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, in the land where everything tries to kill you. An itch for travel took me all across Europe during my post-grad year, and 10 years later washed ashore smelly and vibrant South East Asia. Here I indulge in the lifestyle of digital nomad and enjoy meeting hundreds of new people.

Besides writing, I love green smoothies, tequila and playing Sims. And I seriously have a theory that humanity might be just another Sims game for some kind of an omnipresent deity with an awesome sense of humor. I find human behaviors the most entertaining thing to observe and adore the great minds who learned how to manipulate them into making the world a better place, namely Steve Jobs, Leo Burnett and Jimmy Wales.

Yours truly,

– Sam