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The Stages of scripting Argumentative essays

The argumentative essay a distinct type of essay that requires the creator to investigate on the intricacies of a topic and to collect, generate and evaluate the available evidence in order to arrive at a conclusion in a concise manner.

Though similar to the expository there is a marked difference on the amount of research required in order to complete the task.

An argumentative essay is written in a series of distinct stages:


In order to ensure the effectiveness of argument essays it must constitute of certain elements that contribute towards persuading the reader to view things from a perspective that is in line with the line of thought of the writer.

The Topic Should be interesting

A good essay of this variety constitutes a number of issues that have conflicting viewpoints and make sure that it arouses your interest. Back your claim or position with suitable evidences.

Gathering Evidence

Unlike face-to-face arguments, argumentative essays are full of drama. You have to gather evidence and formulate your argument accordingly.

Editing It Out

After gathering the required resources, comes the part where you actually begin to craft out your essay for putting in text. It is constituted by three parts, namely, the introduction, body and the concluding part of the essay respectively. All of which may be of different lengths as determined by the assignment length.

Assert your Viewpoint while Introducing the Topic

The first paragraph serves to provide a brief explanation of the topic at hand, along with some amount of information regarding the background in addition to a thesis statement. In this particular case the thesis is to be a summary statement of the position taken by you on a topic that arouses controversy.

Pay Heed to Both Sides of a Particular Controversy

In the fullest exposition of the argument put forth by you, you should consider other point of views and state their strongest positions. After that you should proceed with your very own arguments and demonstrate why it is the correct one or at least better than the others.

After selecting the strongest evidence that you have to present, illustrate your points one-by-one. You can mix and match the types of evidence from different studies, statistics and even stories that have anecdotes accompanying it. Reiterate your position as the best through the paragraphs of your summary.

Essay Tips

  • Prefer logical conclusions and emotional viewpoints
  • Do not falsify evidence
  • Make proper and due citations
  • Draft an outline
  • Further you should be able to defend your viewpoint when faced with other points of view.

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