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Annotated Bibliography

The entire list of citations of articles, books and documents is usually referred to as an annotated bibliography. Citations are followed by a brief paragraph of evaluative and descriptive nature which usually extends upto nearly 150 words known as the annotation. It serves the purpose of informing readers of the accuracy, relevance and the quality of the sources cited.

The Difference between Annotations and Abstracts

Abstracts may be considered to be descriptive summaries that are usually found at the top of periodical indexes or scholarly articles meant for journals; whereas, annotations are usually of a critical nature besides tending to be descriptive. They throw open the view point of the editor with clarity while making the expression appropriate and authoritative.

How to Do It

Creating annotated bibliographies require application of a wide range of skills related to the intellect, like an exposition that is brief, to the point analysis and library research that is well read and informed.

  • To create an annotated bibliography, the first task that needs to be done is to locate citations to periodicals, books and documents containing information and ideas which are related to the topic at hand. Conduct examination and review of actual items in a brief and to the point manner. Then select the reading samples that lend various angles to the topics at hand.
  • Next, cite the source by making use of the appropriate style to complete your annotated bibliography.

Lastly, pen down a concise annotation that makes a summary of the pivotal theme and scope of the article or the book used in the paper. Sentences that make evaluations of authority or background of the respective authors, comments about the audience the piece in hand is meant for, must also be included; you must also compare your work with those that have been cited by you or explain how the work sheds light on the topic of the bibliography.


Different institutions prefer different citation styles. Some of the more common reference styles are those of Harvard, MLA or the Modern Language Association and the APA or the one lay down by the American Psychological Association.

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